What is Etsy?

Since opening our shop on Etsy, the response from our friends and family has pretty much all been the same…

Us, “We just opened a shop on Etsy!” Friends and Family, “Great!  What is Etsy?

Our general response is full of a lot of “umms” and pauses but basically sounds a lot like this, “Well, it’s sort of like Ebay in that people have their own store and sell their own items only everything is handmade and has a set price.”  Truthfully, that answer doesn’t do Etsy any justice.     

So just what IS Etsy?

Etsy is an online marketplace that connects makers and buyers from all over the world.  It can be difficult for artists and crafters to find consumers interested in buying their handmade goods.  For consumers, it can be difficult to find unique products.  Etsy is the platform where these two groups meet.  Because of Etsy, artists and crafters all over the world are able to continue to create and consumers are able to connect directly with the artist/crafter and purchase a product that they couldn’t find anywhere else in the world.  We think that is pretty cool.

One response to “What is Etsy?

  1. LOL! I get pretty much the exact same response.

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