Featured Etsy Shop: RJFineArtPrints

One of my favorite things about Etsy is that you can visit shops from all over the world without leaving your couch.  The world is such a big beautiful place but Etsy makes it feel so small.  I’m happy to introduce you to Rosie, this week’s featured seller.

Rosie is the artist behind RJFineArtPrints.  She live’s in Copenhagen, Denmark and captures the beauty of nature in her photographs.  Just see for yourself….


And now on to the interview!

When did you first take an interest in photography? I started with expressionist painting and documentary film when I was studying, but in the last few years my fascination with capturing images of nature and journeys has found it’s outlet in photography.

How long have you been in business and where are you located? I’m new to business and it’s tough but I’m really enjoying what I do. I’m from the UK originally but moved to Copenhagen to start a new life with my partner 6 months ago. It’s a beautiful place to be and an inspiring and creative place to wander!

It looks like you travel a lot, what is your favorite place that you have visited? I don’t think I can answer this! I love the variety in the places I’ve been and seeing into new worlds is half the fun of travel. At the moment though I’m really looking forward to going back to the Scottish highlands next week, and I’m hoping to finally capture some good photos of the local seals..they’re friendly but slippery customers.

What camera equipment do you use? A Finepix S1000fd is my favourite right now..the most important thing to me is having something light with good options that I can use spontaneously.

Do you only sell on Etsy? At the moment, yes! But I’m exploring some interesting options. My goal is to make original and affordable prints available to everyone.

What’s your favorite thing about Etsy? The community. It can be hard to keep motivated if you’re working alone, and it’s fantastic to be able to get instant feedback and support from other Etsy artists.

What are your biggest challenges in running your business? At the moment my challenge is getting my shop seen and finding ways of promoting what I do. But I’m finding the process really exciting. I think being passionate about what you do and being willing to put in the effort is half the battle.

What are your hobbies?  I am involved in and love all sorts of creative activity..from composing music to making a sandwich! As well as a part-time job I spend time volunteering in the art team of a local cafe, promoting new artists in Copenhagen. My debut exhibition opens there next month!

 Is there anything else you would like our readers to know? I also have another Etsy shop where you can buy nature-inspired homemade accessories- www.etsy.com/shop/ironstitchwardrobe

Be sure to visit RJFineArtPrints and IronStitchWardrobe and let Rosie know that you found her shops through this blog.  Check back next week for another Featured Etsy Shop!

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