Featured Etsy Shop: SnappinStudio

You’re going to love this week’s featured Etsy shop, SnappinStudio.  Check out the interview below…

When did you first take an interest in working with copper?
I have always been interested in art, and metal forming. My mom is an artist by trade, and specializes in polymer clay. She owns a business called “Laurel Tree Studio” (www.laureltreestudio.etsy.com), and Momma Daph has always encourages creativity. This past year at an art show, my girlfriend and I had the idea to start doing a craft together and maybe one day it would fund date night. We looked for a couple weeks, and settled on hand stamping. We chose that with the intent of expanding our craft into a variety of metal arts. We started with a small kit, the hammer from my toolbox, and pieces of scrap copper we had found around her garage. We loved the way it looked in comparison to other stamped items we had seen in the past, and decided then to base our shop around copper.

Tell me about your shop name.
We wanted to have a meaningful name, that would be catchy. So that hopefully people would remember the name. My Momma Daph named her shop “Laurel Tree Studio”, so we took her “Studio”, and added our dogs name onto the front! Our Brittany Spaniel is named “Snappin Turtle Bailey Man Seaman”, and he was just as proud as a pup could be when he heard the news.

How long have you been in business and where are you located?
We have only been online for about three months, but have been playing with metal for around a year. SnappinStudio used to take up a whole kitchen table, but now consumes a full bedroom in my girlfriends condo in Birminham, AL.

Do you only sell on Etsy?
As of this week we do not! We have bought our own URL www.snappinstudio.com, and recently have had been asked to be sold in a small local shop. We haven’t decided if it is the right fit, but after some more discussions and praying about it… we will know.

What’s your favorite thing about Etsy?
I love the activity feed, when a green box pops up and says “blahblah purchased such&such for $$$$” it is the coolest thing to know someone wants to buy my art! My mom always explained the feeling by saying “it makes my heart sing”… It makes my heart sing, my knees bounce, and hands clap! It’s date night baby!

What are your biggest challenges in running your business?
Julie and I are very busy people! The biggest challenge is balancing this addiction with all the others. We are both full time students at Samford University, and on scholarship for track and field. This takes up most of our days, so SnappinStudio stamping goes down at night! We can normally communicate to customers throughout the day with our phones and laptops. We both love it though so we always make time.

What are your hobbies?
I can speak for both of us and say our dogs, that we share. Track and field is also a big thing for both of us. Hurdles for Julie, and pole vault for myself.

Visit SnappinStudio and let them know you found them on our blog.  Check back next week for another great featured shop!

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  1. I love the book marks! Great interview!

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