Featured Etsy Shop: The Stationary Sisters

This week’s featured Etsy shop, The Stationary Sisters, creates art prints for children, motivation and love.  Check out the interview and samples of their beautiful prints below.  Don’t forget to grab the coupon at the end of the post!

When did you first take an interest in graphic design and paper crafting? I first took an interest when I was in high school. I am self taught on graphic design although I did take a few college classes for design.

Tell me about your name.  The Stationery Sisters started when my sister and I were trying to figure out a way to keep me close to my passion for art and paper. She actually thought of the name, I am the designer and she is like the creative director. She approves which designs make it to my shop and of course some don’t.

How long have you been in business? I just opened shop in January 2011, kind of a new years resolution to just start my business. I have been blogging since February 2010.

Do you sell anywhere other than Etsy? Currently, I only sell on Etsy. I am trying to expand locally.

What’s your favorite thing about Etsy? My customers 🙂 But besides the obvious, it’s the help I get from other sellers in the forum. It really makes Etsy what it is today.

What are your biggest challenges in running your business? Trying to balance the creative process and marketing and family.


What are your hobbies?  I love to read!  That is really all I do in my free time besides create. I love to create new art!

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?  I create because I love to do it. But I create art prints because I want them in people’s lives, in their homes and in their hearts. I want my prints to leave my hands and into the hands of someone who would give it a nice home and in return, that home would give it character.

The Stationary Sisters has created a special coupon code for our readers!  Use the coupon code BLUE20 for 20% off your purchase.

Check back next Friday for another Featured Etsy Shop!

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