Featured Etsy Shop: CustomComix

This shop is unique and fantastic and I just know that you’re going to love it as much as I do. 🙂 

Tell me about your shop.  My shop is best described as Colorful Organized Chaos. CustomComix is run by a boyfriend and girlfriend duo, Holly and Ryan. We smother and cover interesting pieces with upcycled vintage comic books. So far we are focusing on the smaller things like jewelery, frames and coasters because low shipping costs help to make more sales. Perhaps one day we will drop in a coffee table or large mirror we have covered to see how it does in this market. We enjoy, no.. LOVE comics! We decided to create wearable and useable pieces of art MADE with comics so we can all enjoy them every day rather than only when we pull one of them off of the shelf!

How long have you been in business and where are you located? We have officially been in business a little over a month. We started the Etsy shop 01/25/2011 and hope to keep it going for a long, long time. We’re new, so we have a lot of fun competition here in the geekery, but we are definitely up for a challenge. We are located in “Sin City”-Las Vegas, Nevada.

When did you first start crafting? Ryan is a very creative fellow.  He can paint, draw, decoupage, build, fix… Pretty much anything he touches oozes creativity. He has been crafting EVERYTHING since I can remember. Me on the other hand have been struggling to find my creative side with failed attempts of latch-hooking (it even comes with directions!) and helping Ryan paint and what not. Finally, we decided to go with something we are both truely passionate about, Geekery. I found my place in the crafting world once I discovered how to make creations using materials I connect with and having a supportive community!I have been making decoupaged creations for a few months now, and have definately found my craft of choice!

Do you have a favorite comic book series? Which is your most popular?  I like to work with comics that have a lot of action. The Avengers have a large group of popular characters doing what they do best. Kicking tail and taking names. I LOVE to work on creative custom orders that have me pulling unpredictable comics off the shelf to be made into something someone will look at everyday and appreciate. I love the challenge of a custom order! –My most popular character is a two-way tie. Wonderwoman and Catwoman are definitely neck in neck in this race. I get a LOT of Wonder Woman custom orders, and my Cat Woman premade pieces fly off the shelves like no tomorrow.

Why do you think people love comic books so much?  Comics are SO much fun! There is a story line there to sink your teeth into and help you get submerged into another world after a long crappy day at work. There is a LOT of love put into each and every comic book page as well. Look at ALL the artwork. I can’t draw a stick figure to SAVE MY LIFE let alone draw a whole series of the worlds most iconic heroes known to man! Each comic features a little part of history. Who can resist a little Batman or Superman every once in a while?

Where else can our readers find you or your products? You can find us in several places. We do have a Facebook but to be honest I’m NEVER on it updating. There is too much going on to be whoring out a page all day 😉 We run a team here on Etsy called Moms Basement. That team as grown to become a blog as well. We have a few writers on that blog that help promote other geekery items around the web as well as keep everyone informed about what we love most.. Geekery. We are going to be attending our first craft fair on March 20th as well as our 2nd on April 9th! I have yet to see what the crowds are like at local fairs so cross your fingers they are welcoming to a bunch of geekery crafters. I hope to be seen at ComicCons in the future!


What are your hobbies? Hobbies.. We have a daughter that is 9 months old, so she is basically our main hobby right now 😉 As we speak I can see her slamming some very expensive toy into the just as expensive wood floors and laughing her butt off.. Oh the joys of parenting! Also, we love to go to thrift stores and search for buried treasuries. I’ve weened the family off of World of Warcraft, but that’s probably not going to last long! haha!

Do you have any advice for people interested in starting their own Etsy business?  Etsy is full of SELLERS. We are on here looking to make some quick money and there are many of us. So, what do you do when you are swimming in a pool saturated with people trying to do the same thing as you? You MUST branch out! You HAVE to get your name out there. If you just sit there and hope that sales come rolling in, you will be sadly mistaken. If you are interested in starting a business all I can say is be dedicated, keep your head up, and NETWORK. Your business can’t thrive if you only give half the effort to it. Keep your head up- It is NOT going to be all roses during your store’s lifespan. You have to be able to receive criticism and dry patches of NO sales. But if you NETWORK and get your name out there OUTSIDE of Etsy, you should be able to do fine. Like I said, Etsy is saturated with LOTS OF SELLERS and in order for you to find your target audience, you must branch out and find that audience and say HEY! Lookie here, I have what you are looking for.. I know you want some!

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?  Momsbasement.org has a new blog schedule and will be posting new fun geekery articles EVERY day of the week. =)

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