Featured Etsy Shop: GreenerRoute

It’s earth day!  Celebrate by purchasing reusable bags from this week’s featured Etsy shop, GreenerRoute!

Tell me a little about your shop.  I opened my shop to extend my love of being green to others. I offer currently reusable snack bags and sandwich bags and market bags. I also do custom napkins on request. I am hoping to add insulated lunch bags soon and offer a lunch bag set with reusable bags and a napkin to take care of the whole green lunch.

When did you first become interested in sewing? I just recently picked back up my love for sewing. I started when I was young around the age of 7-8. I was involved in 4-H and my friends and I sewed for the county fair and made clothes to be in the fashion runway.

Why is living an ecofriendly life important to you?  I feel we have a duty to be conscious of our actions. In today’s world we all hear the research and damage that other generations and even our current generations are doing to the world. I feel everyone can start making a difference even if it is a small change.

Who or what inspires you? I started about a year ago. I was first inspired to make my own napkins because I was tired of throwing my money in the trash can. Last winter I was then inspired to make resuable bags for the same reason. Being frugal and green can really go hand in hand.

Tell me about your workspace.  My work space is ever evolving but is full of fabric. I have a large table that doubles as my craft vendor table and a large desk for my sewing machine. The radio is always on to keep me entertained while I sew. I have a huge closet (thank goodness) and it is filled with lots of differnte materials I may need.

Which of your products do you use the most? What is your best seller?  The reusable bags are the used everyday in my house and my napkins as well. We have a basket on the kitchen table filled with napkins and they are easily accessed by the family. We haven’t bought paper napkins in over 2 years!  My best sellers are the sets of snack and sandwich bags.

How are you celebrating Earth Day?  My boys will be off of school that day. I will be preparing to do a Go Green vendor fair in a local city the next day. On that following Monday a few friends are getting together to pick up trash at a local park.

Where else can our readers find you or your products (do you sell at craft fairs? Local shops? Have a facebook page, etc)?  I have a website which I update occassionally thegreenerroute.com. Most of my selling right now is on etsy.com. I have a fan page on facebook.com/thegreenerroute. I do put on coupon code on that site regularly. I am in a few upcoming craft fairs in the Maryland, Central Pennsylvania area and am hoping to get featured in local shops soon.

What are your hobbies? Isn’t great when your business is your hobby? I love to sew, be green by gardening, composting, I like to teach coupon classes and LOVE to read.

Do you have any advice for people interested in “greening” their lifestyle?  I think just like any new habit, just start small. I do offer some tips on greening your life on my website. Try making your own chemical free cleaners, recycle as much as you can, use metal spoons in lunches instead of plastic. A lot of ways to green will also save you money in the long run.


One response to “Featured Etsy Shop: GreenerRoute

  1. Great article. Can’t wait to see your booth at the Boonsboro Green Fest.

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